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Tigran Yukhanyan - YUKHAN- was born on May 17, 1965 in Yerevan, Armenia. His whole subsequent life he lived in the creative environment. In 1981 he entered P. Terlemezian School of Art for continuing studies and extending his knowledge. Having graduated from it with honors, in 1988 he entered Yerevan Academy of Art and Theater. Still during the studies in 1991 his first piece of work was displayed in the Spring Exhibition of the Armenian Artists' Union. Since 1983 Tigran together with his father had participated in the process of creation of state orders, which as a result can be considered as the foundation of his creative life. The experience gained by creating those complicated works helped him to find his own way in the art. E.g.:

- "Bas-reliefs" - in the Opera Theater of Armenia;

- "Mother Armenia" - in the Ayrum

- "Bas-reliefs" - railway Station in Armenia;

- "Bas-relief Complex" with the signs of the zodiac - in Leninakan, Armenia,


       After graduation from academy in 1994 YUKHAN and his family moved to Lithuania already with a fully prepared exhibition. In 1994 his exhibition on the Christian theme was opened in the Vartai Gallery, Vilnius. He displayed four ceramic sculptures named "The Seasons of the Year" which were created using the unique technology with melted glaze ("smalto"). His paintings could be distinguished by a sculptural element both regarding his way of thinking and the applied techniques.

       Since 1995 Tigran has been a member of the International Federation of Artists of "UNESCO". In 1998 his second exhibition with the motif of the woman was opened in the gallery "Akademija" in Vilnius. This exhibition was different from the first one by softness both in the range of colors and in the manner of painting. The following words of YUKHAN gave a general description of his exhibition: "By displaying these works I would like to show my attitude towards the woman who for me is the symbol of life". The compositional solution of works in this exhibition was very peculiar. Sculptural symbolic treatment was intertwined with an abundance of colors of painting.

       In the same year of 1998 YUKHAN together with the creative union NUR took part in the Spring Exhibition held at the Central Home of Art in Moscow. Since 1998, having signed a contract with the Gallery of Alla Bulyanskaya in Moscow, YUKHAN participated in all exhibitions of this gallery. In 2000 after receiving an invitation to take part in the auction "ARTLINK & SOTHEBY'S" he sent three works of his. At the same time YUKHAN was preparing a new exhibit with the Christian motif dedicated to the 1700th anniversary of Christianity as the state religion of Armenia. In parallel to this as a result of the downfall of the Soviet empire and aggravation of human relations YUKHAN started creating the series "Criticism of People". Finally, in 2001 his third exhibition was opened in the gallery "Akademija" in Vilnius. The works displayed in this exhibition were distinguished from the previous one by sharpened characters. YUKHAN revealed dissembled human feelings and secret intentions. Meanwhile, in the works on the Christian theme an idyll and the eternity spirit prevailed. "When I criticize people, I try to understand their inner state of mind and then going into their feelings I learn how they feel. Sometimes I regret that we, people, call ourselves the kings of nature and human beings". In 2016 he became a member of Lithuanian Artist' Association.

       The works of YUKHAN more than once were exhibited in European galleries, they were obtained by different lovers of art. They can be found in private collections in Russia, Lithuania, Germany, Armenia, Holland, Japan, USA, Argentina, France, Switzerland, Austria and Great Britain.